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The Artisans

Listed here are the first 26 artisans photographed for the project.  We are currently photographing the next in the series of images of Black Artisans from around the country, interviews and further exhibitions with talks and demonstrations.  


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Donald Baugh –
Designer / Maker, Wood

Recognising the intrinsic natural beauty of wood, Donald creates sustainable sculptural vessels, carpentry and lighting.  His work is commissioned by private and commercial clients across the world.

Angela Benjamin - Jeweller

Ange makes fully ethical jewellery that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. Where possible she saves and re-uses all her scrap sterling silver to create new work. 

Her unique silver jewellery designs are timeless, using traditional production techniques.

Marcia Bennett Male MRSS,
QEST Scholar  – 
Stone Mason

Marcia is a formally trained architectural stone carver, letter cutter and stonemason.  She has worked across the UK and the USA and run carving workshops in galleries and museums including The Royal Academy, The V&A and British Museum.

David ‘Satch’ Botwe  – 
French Horn Repairer

Satch studied instrument repair and maintenance, joining Paxman Musical Instruments Ltd in 1975 as a repairer, leaving in 2017 as company secretary.  Satch’s knowledge, experience and expertise on French horns is unrivalled.

Chris Bramble  –  Ceramicist

Chris’s ceramics are inspired by life, harmony, rhythm, and dance and influenced by the people around him; their spirit and heartbeat are captured in his meditative process as he documents hidden aspects of today’s black culture.

Ray Clarke  –  Upholstery

Originally trained in menswear fashion and printed textile design, Ray discovered a love of upholstery, and the ability to reimagine and recreate furniture.  Ray’s work has appeared on TV shows like “Money For Nothing” (BBC1), British Vogue and The Sunday Times Supplement.

Toussaint Clarke –  Steel Pan Tuner

Toussaint began playing pan in 1968, tuning pans a year later at the age of 12. He tunes for renowned steel Bands all over the world, and is a founder member of the UK Steel Pan Tuners Guild. Toussaint is truly passionate about all aspects of Steel Pan and has made it his life to promote the art form.

Emefa Cole  –  Jeweller

Emefa envisions and brings to life beautifully understated, wearable art.  She uses 100% recycled metals and stones sourced directly from African gem cutters and her influences are  from across western Africa.

Moussa Dembele  –  Balafon and Kora Maker

Moussa comes from a traditional Bwa Bwa Griot family of musicians and craftsmen who have been making and playing West African musical instruments for generations. He is a master craftsman of the Kora (African harp), Balafon (African xylophone), Ngoni (African lute), Djembe (drum) and Doum Doum (bass drum).

Dudley Dickson  –  Steel Pan Tuner

Dudley migrated to the UK as a teenager from his native Grenada to become involved in pan fabricating – sinking, grooving, cutting and burning. He has been an innovator in the world of steel pan ever since. He is a founder member of the UK Steelpan Tuners Guild.

Melanie Eddy  –  Jewellery

Melanie combines traditional approaches with new applications, creating sculptural jewellery that uses geometry as a tool to explore the relationship of form to the body. Melanie sees her working practice as an example of a comprehensive and industry tailored approach.

Jahday Ford  –  Glassblower

Jahday Ford specializes in hot glass and mould design. With wood, metal, clay and digital processes he is able to explore new synergies between glass and other compatible materials, creating forms and textures not possible by traditional hand-made techniques.

Doreen Gittens  –  Hand-Woven Textiles

Specialising in hand-woven textiles, Doreen uses only the finest natural fibres transforming silk, linen, wool and cotton into timeless fashion accessories and interior soft furnishings. Her work is enjoyed by corporate clients, boutique hotels and passionate individuals who appreciate her fine quality and attention to detail.

Lorna Hamilton-Brown RCA MBE  –  Knitting and more!

Lorna is an artist who uses the main mediums of knitting and crochet to provide social commentary on issues of the day, such as domestic violence, mental health and racism.

Jules Hogan  –  Knitwear

Jules uses the finest fibres to create a premium, timeless collection of clothing and fashion accessories, beautifully crafted using a subtle colour palette uplifted by seasonal highlights.

Dionne Ible  –  Mosaic Artist 

Dionne’s mosaic designs are inspired by African symbolism, the feminine form, landscapes and animals. She has appeared on ITV daytime, been commissioned by Royal Warrant holders, and  featured in national UK magazines.

Dalia James  – 
Textile Designer-Maker

Dalia uses strong colours and rectilinear forms and patterns derived from a profound affinity to the teachings of the Bauhaus as well as other early 20th Century design and artistic movements.

Maya Njie  –  Perfumier

Maya’s background is in surface design and photography; she began experimenting with the sense of smell as an added medium. Inspired by an old family photo she sought to bottle the spirit connected to the classic 1970’s Scandinavian idyll, combined with the soul of her esoteric Gambian heritage.

Francisca Onumah  –  Metalsmith

Francisca is drawn to finding character and human like semblance in inanimate objects. She brings these observations into her work, by creating ambiguous, sculptural objects that display an anthropomorphic disposition. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Carla Sealey  –  Ceramics

Carla makes her own black stoneware clay slip for casting her range of tableware in Black Stoneware and Porcelain. She slip casts, hand builds and combines both methods to make functional and sculptural work that explores human boundaries and encourages reflection.

Seneke Sillah  –  Djembe/Drum Skinning

Seneke was born in West Africa where he was mentored in the art of playing and making djembe drums by the master drummers of the Wolof people of The Gambia and Senegal.

Dolores Swift  – 
Leather Bags, Ceramics
& Silverware

Dolores is attracted to the rawness of leather, along with the natural tones and flaws; in which she does not see as flaws but things of infinite beauty and individual expression.

Annette Taylor-Anderson Creative Director/Designer

Surface design specialist Annette creates and produces designs for the interiors market with a focus on hospitality, corporate and healthcare sector.

Kingsley Thompson  –Leatherworker

Kingsley is a self-taught leatherworker producing a range of leather wallets, belts and accessories since 2013.  He has a worldwide client base.

Ronaldo Wiltshire  –Ceramic Artist

Ronaldo creates functional and decorative ceramic art often inspired by the colours in the countryside of Barbados where he grew up.  He is the son of two potters and learned ceramic and artistic techniques at his father’s workshop.

Grafton Yearwood  –Steel Pan Tuner

Grafton was born into a steel pan environment becoming an apprentice tuner in 1989, branching off to manufacture the full range of pan instruments. He began working in Switzerland and now supplies and blends pans for the Swiss market. He is a founder member of the UK Steelpan Tuners Guild.

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