Training Bursaries

for black and ethnically diverse makers

NOW CLOSED!  Deadline: Monday 13 December 2021, 5pm

This training bursary is targeted at Black and ethnically diverse makers, as this is an under-represented group in heritage crafts.


It is sponsored by DCA Consulting and is one of a suite of awards and bursaries offered by Heritage Crafts to support and celebrate craftspeople.

Heritage Crafts is an active supporter of The Black Artisans photography project

Apply for up to £4,000 to start training in a heritage craft or to further develop your skills.

It is still the case that the UK craft sector does not accurately reflect the diversity of the UK as a whole and, for this reason, Heritage Crafts is  taking positive action to target this grant at Black and ethnically diverse groups who are currently under-represented in the craft sector.

Heritage Crafts believes that the value of our craft heritage comes from the diversity of skills and traditions across all of our communities, wherever they originated and whenever they were brought here. They  want everyone to feel included in Heritage Crafts and their work, no matter how long they have called this country home or what their background may be.

You could be just starting out on your journey in craft or at the point where you want to turn a hobby into a career, or you could already be a maker who is looking to further develop your heritage craft skills.

If you are new to a craft and you would like assistance with finding a trainer, please get in touch and they will do what they can to help. Successful applicants will be supported by the Heritage Crafts team to develop an action plan. They will work with you to monitor progress and support you to achieve your aims.

For more details go to If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, please email Mary Lewis at

📷: Ray Clarke @atelierrayclarke upholsterer, by @josealyphoto as part of the Black Artisans @theblackartisans project

Image:   ©Jo Sealy - The Black Artisans