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Training Bursaries

for black and ethnically diverse makers


Heritage Craftsan active supporter of The Black Artisans, is providing training bursaries targeted at Black and ethnically diverse makers, sponsored by the City & Guilds Foundation.  It is one of a suite of awards and bursaries offered by Heritage Crafts to support and celebrate craftspeople.   Return here for news on 2024 awards.

Image: Grafton Yearwood , founding member, UK Steelpan Tuners Guild   ©Jo Sealy - The Black Artisans

Whether you are just starting out on your journey in craft or at the point where you want to turn a hobby into a career, or you are a maker who is looking to further develop your heritage craft skills, you can apply for up to £4,000 to start training in a heritage craft or to further develop your skills. 

What can this grant be used for?

There are a number of routes to learning a craft skill. Applicants can apply for a grant for any amount up to £4,000 which can cover or contribute towards:

  • the costs of training with a craftsperson;

  • the costs of attending a specialist training course;

  • the costs of attending an accredited training course;

  • undertaking a self-directed programme of training with one or more craftspeople;

  • the cost of specialist tools or materials, books or study materials (no more than 25% of total budget).

The bursary cannot be used for general living expenses, research, promotional activities or anything else.


Please return here for information on 2024 Bursaries

📷: Grafton Yearwood -

 by @josealyphoto as part of the Black Artisans @theblackartisans project

Grafton Yearwood.png
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